Touch Base with an Old Friend!

If you have read some of my posts, you may have figured out that I am a small town farm girl, having grown up among cornfields and farms, surrounded by animals.  When I went away to college, a friend of mine told me about her friends, Cynthia and Jim, who owned a farm near my new college town.  When I arrived at college, I looked up Cynthia and introduced myself.  We became fast friends!  I spent a great deal of time on Cynthia’s farm during my college years.  I rode her big mare all over the countryside.  I made Cynthia and her friends laugh hysterically when they took me to the county racetrack and put me on a racehorse.  I was supposed to circle the racetrack once and stop, but the horse grabbed the bit in its mouth and got away from me.  He kept going … and going … and going … until he tired (I was tired pretty much after the first revolution).  We also visited flea markets, a popular lake, and we explored restaurants.  Cynthia paid me to clean her house so that as a poor college student, I had some spending money.  These were really good times and I remember them fondly!

I called Cynthia a few weeks ago.  She has since divorced and moved to Wyoming.  Unfortunately, she is feeling the effects of severe arthritis.  We had a wonderful talk!  After we hung up, I looked through my photographs and picked out a few pictures I thought she would enjoy because it has been decades since we have seen each other.  I sent her the pictures and a long letter.  She called me after receiving the pictures and the letter.  Her closest friend had died a couple of days before she received the pictures (but after our phone call).  Cynthia said that she felt very alone after her friend died, and that my letter and the photos meant a great deal to her.

Touch base with an old friend!  It will make you smile and warm up an old friend’s heart!  Let me know how it goes!

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