Response to Comment Made to my Post regarding Family Caregiver Agreements

I had an interesting response to my post dated February 4, 2012, regarding Family Caregiver Agreements (see below).  The response to my post stated as follows:

“A caregiving contract?  That is absurd.  A child should take care of there [sic] parents no matter what and never be paid to do so.  A child should do all that out of the kindness of their heart and not expect money….”

I wholeheartedly agree that children should take care of their parents and/or help the parents make appropriate arrangements for the best possible care out there!  However, here is just one example of a typical client’s situation that DOES warrant a paid caregiver contract, notwithstanding the love and care between the parent and child – the case below describes a mother and a daughter/caregiver:

Daughter is unemployed.  She is taking care of her mother.  She needs income badly and has a hard time meeting her expenses and her debts are increasing.  Due to the amount of time she spends caring for her mother, she not only has an extremely difficult time searching for a job, but she has no idea how she would realistically work at a job due to all of the hours she devotes to her mother and her mother’s care needs.  Mother cannot afford home health care or adult day care and relies on her daughter.  Mother is the widow of a veteran.  By arranging a paid caregiver contract between mother and daughter, mother qualified for VA pension benefits (aid & attendance) and daughter now has income to pay her bills and not go deeper into debt.  Daughter feels a tremendous sense of relief.  Mother now has added income from the VA to help pay for care, and her daughter/caregiver is less stressed.

To the person who made the comment, thank you for reading my post, and I hope you come back and see my reply!

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