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Response to Comment Made to my Post regarding Family Caregiver Agreements

I had an interesting response to my post dated February 4, 2012, regarding Family Caregiver Agreements (see below).  The response to my post stated as follows: “A caregiving contract?  That is absurd.  A child should take care of there [sic] parents no matter what and never be paid to do so.  A child should do all […]

Reduce Taxes by Making the Most of Medical Expense Deductions

Following is an article I wrote for Ellenbecker Investment Group, Inc.  I thought many of you might find it useful (and do not forget to gather your financial information throughout the year in order to help avoid tax time stress!): Are you or a family member paying for assisted living or skilled nursing care?  All […]

February 25th – A Very Special Day in My Family

Years ago, one of my closest friends gave me the best piece of advice I ever received and I am offering the same advice to my readers.  My grandmother, who lived alone, was having health issues and had been in a rehab facility for some time.  Eventually, after she returned home for awhile, it was […]

Family Caregiver Agreements, and “Getting back on the Horse”

GETTING BACK ON THE HORSE!  Well, every spring it’s bound to happen.  My horse is 17 years old, but he doesn’t act like it.  Every spring the warmer air causes him to get a special “spring” in his step (pun intended) and often he will buck!  While riding last weekend, he bucked, and I found myself sailing […]

Special Message to the Waukesha Rotary Noon Club

I thank the Waukesha Rotary Noon Club for the opportunity to speak to the members yesterday about veterans benefits.  I was thoroughly impressed with the club and all that you do.  I would also like to thank the veterans in the group for their service – you do us all proud.  Regarding the contest:  the […]